1. Current Account
  2. Loan Interest Rate (Variable)
  3. Obtain a Proforma Invoice from the Vendor
  4. Personal Guarantor
  5. Salary Domiciliation Letter from the Employer
  6. Management and Processing Fee
  7. Direct Payment to Vendor

List of Vendors

  1. Baa Ould Faal
  2. Safeway Mini Market
  3. Discount Centre
  4. Timber & Co.
  5. J-Balaji
  6. Sofax
  7. J-Mart Furniture
  8. HM Enterprise
  9. TK Motors
  10. CNC Building Materials
  11. Modou Mbye Building Materials
  12. AP Trading
  13. Salma Porcelain
  14. Ebrima Jobe (Jobe Kunda Textile)

The “Sargal Sa Amm Amm” scheme is a customer loan that relieves individuals of the stress of one-time payment for goods and services. The product gives present-day value to customers. The product is to help people live a comfortable and stress-free life by turning their dreams into reality.


  1. Account Type (Current/Hybrid/Savings)
  2. Deposit Interest Rate (Variable)
  3. Flexible Loan Application Processing
  4. Cash Collection Services
  5. Account Holder Entitled to a Loan
  6. Cheque Book for Current Account
  7. Personalized Withdrawal Booklet for Hybrid Savings Variant

This product is a liability product that is targeted at small business owners (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). The product is built around the concept of creating a tailor-made product to meet the needs of small businesses.


  1. Account Type (Savings)
  2. Withdrawal Per School Term (3 Times Yearly)
  3. Deposit Interest Rate (Variable)
  4. Minimum Opening Deposit of D500.00
  5. Minimum Monthly Deposit of D200.00
  6. Standing Order Fee of D10.00

This is an investment product that targets parents and guardians. The product is designed to help interested individuals build the expectation of earning a favorable return with a fixed interest rate on the child’s education.