Current Account / Salary Account


  • Minimum monthly net salary – D1,200
  • Cheque book
  • Interest on overdrawn balance.
  • Attracts service charge of D3 per 1000 with a D100 minimum.
  • Commission on turnover [COT] is fixed at D100 Excluding VAT.
  • Minimum monthly net salary – D1,200.


  • Access to loans and overdrafts.
  • Used for direct debits.
  • Used for standing orders.
  • Safe and convenient method of payment.
  • A satisfactorily conducted account builds credibility.
  • Monthly statements Access to loans and overdrafts.

Platinum World Account (PWA)


Platinum World Account is a current hybrid account specifically tailored for cooperate accounts. PWA offers free COT and yields interest if the prescribed minimum balance is maintained.

Variants & Benefits

  • Minimum Balance of D50,000:
    • Benefit: No COT
  • Minimum Balance of D150,000:
    • Benefit: No COT +1% interest
  • Minimum Balance of D300,000:
    • Benefit: No COT +1% interest + 1 free chequebook per quarter

Investment Banking


  • Time/Fixed Deposits
  • Call Deposits
  • Treasury Bills

Required Documentations

  • Completion of account opening form
  • ID cards/ Int. Passport copies
  • Passport size photograph
  • Business Registration
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Article of Association
  • Partnership Deed
  • Reference
  • Completion of KYC form

Pensioners Account


It is a special current account dedicated to retired salary earners.  This product is borne from the need to develop a tailor-made product that will capture specific charges to commensurate with the Pensioners’ income.


  • Account type (Current)
  • Debit interest rate (10%)
  • Account for Pensioners with monthly income
  • Simplified account opening process
  • 25 Leaves Cheque book for only (D172.00) Excluding VAT
  • 50 Leaves Cheque book for only (D172.00) Excluding VAT
  • Counter Cheque (D25.00)
  • COT (D100) Monthly Excluding VAT
  • SMS Alert notification




MEGACES Account is a special dedicated savings account for parents/guardians with school-going children. This product is created to help parents and guardians plan and save for their children’s education and avoid the struggle for expensive school fees.


  • MEGACES 0-5 years
  • MEGACES 0-10 years
  • MEGACES 0-18 years


  • Account type (Savings)
  • Deposit interest rate (5%)
  • Earn interest on the money accumulated in the investment
  • Simplified account opening process
  • Advice on education
  • Minimum opening deposit of D2000
  • Minimum tenure is 5 years and maximum tenure is 18 years
  • Deposit with cash, cheque, or standing order instructions
  • Standing order fee of D10.00 instead of the normal charge fee
  • Partial withdrawal is allowed with a penalty of 100 dalasis before the tenure ends for each withdrawal
  • Partial withdrawal before the tenure ends forfeits the interest for that year
  • Minimum monthly deposit of 200 dalasi (this can be optional as there will be a deposit range.

Gambians In The Diaspora Account (GIDA)


GIDA is designed to aid Gambians living abroad to efficiently manage their funds and give instructions from their bases Abroad.  GIDA also supports the government’s efforts at encouraging Foreign Direct Inflow of funds for investment in The Gambia for economic development in addition to repatriation of their hard-earned income back to The Gambia. Furthermore, GIDA enables its account holders to transfer money from their overseas accounts to their Megabank accounts.

Gambians in the Diaspora Account secures prompt and efficient financial services for non–resident Gambians.

These can be open in:

  • GIDA SILVER ACCOUNT (Dollar, Euro & GBP)
  • GIDA GOLD ACCOUNT (Dollar, Euro & GBP)

GIDA Joint Accounts

1. Diaspora Partner DOM Account: Interest-yielding savings account

  • Minimum opening balance:
    • USD:    $250
    • EURO: €250
    • GBP:     £250

2. Diaspora Investment Account: Risk-free investment/tenured saving:

  • Minimum opening balance:
    • USD:    $3,80
    • EURO: €2,600
    • GBP:     £2,000
    • GMD:   D10,000

With GIDA you can Operate your Home Account from Anywhere!!!

Fixed Deposit Account


  • Minimum balance D10,000
  • Fixed investment periods of 3months, 6months, 9months & 12 months respectively
  • Fixed interest rate for the investment period
  • Rollover option


  • Competitive annual interest rates
  • Interest applied remains unchanged for the investment period
  • Access to overdraft facilities; Funds can be used as security for credits

Treasury Bills


  • Minimum balance of D25,000
  • Fixed investment periods 3 months, 6 months, and12 months respectively
  • Rollover option


Security for overdraft facilities including personal loans and other credits

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