Platinum World Account

It is a financial product of MegaBank with the following benefits:

1. Zero commission on transaction (COT)...

Gambians in Diaspora Account

It is an interest yielding savings account with checking facility but with limited withdrawal.

Yoókuteh Account

Features: The Yoókuteh product is built around the concept of creating a tailored made product to meet the need of the small business.
Variants: Yoókuteh Current Account
Yoókuteh Savings Account...

Credit and Trade Finance

Our Credit Facilities include the following:
1. Overdrafts
2. Term Loans
3. Cheque/Invoice Discounting
4. Import Finance...

Fixed term deposit

1. Minimum balance D10,000
2. Fixed investment periods of 3months, 6months, 9months & 12 months respectively
3. Fixed interest rate for investment period
4. Roll over option...

International Trade Finance

Prompt, Secure and efficient financial services in exchange rates with foreign currencies.